Dental Unit U200

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Dental unit
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Siger U200-Perfect synthesis of imagination and reality


  • Analog electronics control system.
  • Built-in intelligent simultaneous function.
  • Inter-locking system and anti-backflow mechanism.
  • Multifunctional foot pedal control system.
  • Comprehensive protection mechanism.


Multi-function foot Control


Pedal Type or Lever Type foot control is selectable

Wireless foot control is optional


  • Automatic access to prest chair position
  • Automatic access to prest rinsing position  
  • Automatic ON/OFF of operating light
  • Automatic bowl rinsing
  • Automatic cup filling          
  • Interligent return to the previous position
  • Adjutable chair positions
  • Dynamic instruments speed cintrol 


    Ergonomic Design


    • The synchronized design between the seat and backrest of patient chair guarantees excellent movement compensation.
    • A safety cut-out stops the patient chair and backrest from moving down in the presence of obstacles. The chair or backrest will move up a little bit to avoid unexpected harm.


    Dentist Element


    • Touch control panel
    • 5 sets of intelligent memory positions can be set in advance. And the control of the chair position, on/off of the operating light, cup filling and bowl rinsing can be done with one button.
    • The inter-locking system of the dynamic instruments can greatly prevent the injury and improve the efficiency of dentists.
    • The on and off of all the dynamic instruments are controlled by photoelectric sensors.






    Assistant element




    • Powerful touch control panel for assistant.
    • The on and off of all the instruments are controlle by photoelectric sensor system.
    • HV suction system with anti-backflow function.
    • Suction tubes and handles can be easily detached and disinfected . 



  • Autoclavable silicon pad on instrument table.


  • Detachable ceramic spittoon and water let out for cleaning.


  • Detachable suction system for cleaning.


  • Distilled water/tap water switching system.
  • The height of the seat and backrest of dentist stool and the inclination of backrest can be adjusted to meet with ergonomics. 
  • Assistant stool is optional.

    Standard configuration:




    Upholstery colour




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